SpikeStop.com is your direct source for top performing "utility grade" surge protection for your home and sensitive electronics. Products featured through this website are so tough that electric utilities across the United States have selected them to sell to their customers!

Be sure to take advantage of the discount code that your utility has already set up for you to receive even greater discounts on these top performing surge protectors. If you do not know your discount code, please contact sales at SpikeStop.com with your name, phone number and the name of your utility company so that we can determine if a discount code is available to you.

Wall Mounts

High energy multi-layered Multi-outlet suppressors provide excellent protection for high value electronics.   Mounts directly to wall receptacle.  Outlets are located along the side edges for areas where space is limited. 

MD2 Max2 $45.95 to $69.95 Ask for Discount

The MD2 wall mounted suppressor is designed to protect 120 Volt electronics with up to 15 Amps current carrying capability.  It features two outlets, one on each side, which are offset from one another to accommodate a variety of plug styles.  The unit mounts flush against the wall and is designed to allow use of the other top outlet.  Power strips can be safely connected to the unit if additional outlets are needed.

--Additional Options include--

  • Cable Protection
  • LAN Protection
  • Cable & Phone Protection
  • RCA Jack Protection

US-1206 Swivel Suppressor $99.00 Ask for Discount

The US 1206 Swivel Suppressor is the top line suppressor- the best available anywhere.  It contains true multi-stage surge protection so it cannot be damaged by even the strongest surges.  It includes twin video protection modules for HDTV, cable modems and other video or broadband applications.  For data and telephone electronics, the US1206 includes multi-path modules for LAN networks and a module for telephone suppression.

For use in compact spaces, the US1206 has swivel receptacles.  It can be installed behind home entertainment systems and computer desks and will lay flat against the wall.

It is truly "universal" and your best choice for sensitive electronics.