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How do I protect my sewing machine?


Today’s modern sewing and embroidery machines are complex electronic devices with small computers inside them. They communicate with other electronic devices such as routers and computers. Modern sewing machines are sensitive to the same power problems that damage computers and HDTVs.  A good quality sewing machine surge protector is great insurance against power surges.

Power surges happen hundreds of times every day and we don't notice unless they are due to lightning.  Most power surges are small but a few can do serious damage to smart electronics. Every day power fluctuates due to weather problems, blackouts, brownouts, service line repairs, etc. Over and under voltage surges can damage sensitive electronic components and motors in sewing or computer equipment – even when it’s not turned on.

You can protect your sewing machine by plugging into a quality surge suppressor. This will stop power surges from damaging your sewing machine. A great surge protector for sewing machines is the Panamax MD2-TL or the Panamax M4LT-EX.

Sometimes power goes out completely for a few seconds, when that happens your sewing machine can lose memory data. A simple solution to power loss is a quality battery backup. The Panamax MB-850 is a great battery backup to protect your sewing machine.




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