SpikeStop.com is your direct source for top performing "utility grade" surge protection for your home and sensitive electronics. Products featured through this website are so tough that electric utilities across the United States have selected them to sell to their customers!

Be sure to take advantage of the discount code that your utility has already set up for you to receive even greater discounts on these top performing surge protectors. If you do not know your discount code, please contact sales at SpikeStop.com with your name, phone number and the name of your utility company so that we can determine if a discount code is available to you.

Combo Packages

Home Pro Package $169.99 Ask for Discount
The Home Pro Package includes 1 MPM8-AV multimedia power strip plus 1 US1206 Swivel Suppressor.  This package is ideal for computers and home entertainment systems.

Basic Protection Package $119.99 Ask for Discount The Basic Protection package includes 1 MPM8-AV multimedia power strip which is ideal for protecting computer systems and home entertainment systems.  It also includes a CSS-1V single outlet for protecting a television and a CSS-1 general use suppressor