SpikeStop.com is your direct source for top performing "utility grade" surge protection for your home and sensitive electronics. Products featured through this website are so tough that electric utilities across the United States have selected them to sell to their customers!

Be sure to take advantage of the discount code that your utility has already set up for you to receive even greater discounts on these top performing surge protectors. If you do not know your discount code, please contact sales at SpikeStop.com with your name, phone number and the name of your utility company so that we can determine if a discount code is available to you.

battery backups

MB850 Call for pricing

The PM-850 Battery Back-up Provides AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) to stabilize input voltage to an appropriate level for optimal equipment performance by eliminating brownout and overvoltages. This smart unit provides battery back-up and surge protection to 5 outlets and surge protection to an additional 4 outlets that do not require constant power. With a set of in/out co-axial plugs as well as a set of combo telephone/LAN connection plugs, you can be assured of complete coverage to all connected equipment. Also offers a USB/Serial Connection to a connected PC.

PEMCO PXST-400 Call for pricing

The Pemco PSXT-400 back-up Power Supply provides surge protection and is the ideal power solution for computers, Set-top converters and other A/V equipment where it is desired to keep the unit up and working during a brief power outage.  Now there should be no reason for lost data or interrupted transmissions during power outages.

PEMCO PS70-1000 Call for pricing
A sleek UPS designed to deliver reliable battery backup and surge protection for your home office or small office.

This compact UPS is ready to use right out of the box to start backing up your sensitive equipment with network grade protection. The smart LCD screen offers real time monitoring of the UPS vitals while the shutdown and monitoring software allows for complete control of all components and equipment on your network.

>> Line Interactive Tower UPS
>> Automatic Voltage Regulation to Protect Sensitive Machines
>> 6 A/C Outlet
>> Monitoring Screen on front of device
>> USB Communication and monitoring Software
>> Up to 1 hour of Backup (depending on load)